Layout “Life is like a camera”

One thing Scrapbook taught me is…never say never!

When I first start scrapbooking, i was looking at the Shabby Chic or the Vintage layouts and I was saying to my self “I would NEVER be able to do this….lets choose another style”… and then the July Main Kit from My Creative Scrapbook arrives and I go “Oh bammer! What on Earth am I going to do with this kit???? Not my style at all….”

But Scrapbook Goddess (yes there is one!)  always has a plan…a few days earlier I found an old photo of mine from years ago. It was taken by a friend of mine that was studying photografy, right after a breakup I thought I would never get over (yea right!)

…and then the October Challenge of OUAS came up! The Sketch was amazing and so was the Quote that we had to use as inspiration….

Also the creation of Guest Designer Gabrielle Pollacco left me speechless, so I thought I would give it a go…

Needless to say I REALLY love how this page turned out!

some close ups…

The journaling: “At the age of 21 I thought a Breakup would kill me…it didn’t!”

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  1. Πράγματι είχες έμπνευση Κέλλυ! Πολύ όμορφο!

  2. Τέεεελεια είναι Κέλλη!!!!! Ευχαριστούμε πολύ που έπαιξες μαζί μας στο OUAS! Φιλάκια

  3. τελειο ειναι,καθε φορα με εκπλησεις με τις ομορφες δημιουργιες σου.

  4. Gorgeous layout! Love the pretty flowres! Thanks for joining along with OUAS :)

  5. Φοβερή έμπνευση Κέλλυ!Τέλεια είναι!
    Καλή επιτυχία!

  6. teleia filenada...pare kai ena brabeio ap to blog mou..pou pedeutika pente wres na to kateuasw..kai pws to kateuasa des...ax pou eisai....filia

  7. Hi, Kelly!! This is a beautiful layout- yes, Gabi really is a talent and I love that you were inspired by her :). So glad you joined us @ OUAS this month! Take care,


  8. Apo tis kaluteres sou!!!! h fotografia einai poli artistic! to de journaling einai tooooooooso eustoxo pou nomizw oti klevei tin parastasi! genika ena iperoxo sinolo.filakia!

  9. Beautiful layout! Love the mix of patterned paper and fancy blossoms! Thanks for joining along with OUAS :)


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