Layout “If friends were flowers” for Creative Scrappers #176

Hello friends!

Today I will share with you a LO that I created using Creative Scrappers Sketch #176.

This lo is about my “new” girlfriends Nektaria & Fanh aka The Twins! I know them since birth... literally!!! But it was only this summer that we come really, really close… I had a need of a friend (since I spent my whole summer at Aigio) they are my next door neighbors and eventually we ended up hanging out every day for the entire summer!!! I got to hear about the never ending problems of their teenagers love(s) and they got to hear my advices….on everything!!! Had sooooo much fun going out with these gals, got to re-live my long gone puberty lol…. Everyone thought that we had only 4-5years difference instead of 14…I got good gens what can I say!!!

Ohhh the tears when it was time to go back to Arahova…you cann’t even imagine…. So after a couple of weeks away, they decided to visit me for a weekend at Arahova! During our mini tour, we got to take a lot of pictures and as soon as I saw these photos I knew I wanted to do a LO with them and the Creative Scrappers Sketch was exactly what I wanted…

So here is my take of the Sketch using my My Creative Scrapbook May Kit. As you can all guessed I am a sucker of blings….just love, love, love them!!!

Fussy cutting and layered embellishes (did I spell that right?)….

Hope you like it!!!!

8 σχόλια:

  1. What a nice story and what a nice friendship to have. age never matters. Its the connection that matters the most. Is that you in that middle picture? If so gee you dont look your age. Sounds like an awesome summer too. LOVE your layout. Love your take on the sketch. Awesome work. I hope you are well.

  2. η σελιδα σου ειναι υπεροχη!!!μου αρεσε παρα πολυ!!καλη επιτυχια!!

  3. Πάρα πολύ όμορφη σύνθεση , πάρα πολύ αγαπησιάρικη!!

  4. Πολύ πολύ πολύ όμορφη κοριτσίστικη σελίδα, με πολύ ουσιαστικό θέμα! Εύχομαι καλή επιτυχία στην πρόκληση, Κελυ! Την αξίζει η σύνθεση σου!

  5. Όμορφη και πλούσια σύνθεση!!!καλή σου μέρα!!!!

  6. Boobookaki καλημέρα και συγχαρητήρια για την διάκριση στο scrap for help!!!!! Πολύ όμορφη σύνθεση, αλλά ακόμα πιο όμορφη και πολύτιμη η φιλία!!! Καλή επιτυχία!

  7. Δε σου φαίνεται ΚΑΘΟΛΟΥ!!!!!!!!! Καλέ...τι τάξη πάς? ΛΟΛ!!!!!!! Υπέροχη και χαρούμενη η σύνθεσή σου!!!Πολύ καλή ιδέα να βάλεις μαύρο πίσω απο τις φώτο!


Thank you for your love!